Researched Nutritionals - Stress Bundle

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1. BDNFEssentials. Even though this is targeted at neuroplasticity It is dynamic to address key components of stress.  Primarily it restores neuroplasticity and BDNF levels and damage in these areas is  both a result of stress and a trigger for stress.  Next it reduces glutamate levels, excess glutamate is a primary driver of ongoing stress, creating more stress.  A vicious circle that needs to be broken for recovery and rebuilding equilibrium.  BDNFEssentials improves sleep quality, which is critical for stress management.  Ill attach the chart or activity of the ingredients.

2.  Soothe & Relax.    This product was originally developed for fibromyalgia patients.  It reduces stress, inflammation and soreness.  Also supports serotonin levels and relaxes the nervous system.  Very comprehensive for general stress, pain and injury, relaxation of systemic tension.  Will not make patients drowsy but calmer and relaxed vs.tight and tensed.  

3. H2Absorb   this is one of my favorites because it works practically immediately to calm that feeling of overwhelming uptight stress.  As a gas it crosses the blood brain barrier as well assisting in almost all metabolic pathways.  One key aspect, and the basis of its value in Parkinson's, is that it dramatically reduces the loss dopaminergic neurons thus promoting a feeling of well being and joy.  So easy to drop a tablet into a glass of water, wait a few minutes and drink.