Peptide IV Therapy

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Peptide therapy is one of the most exciting new treatments to help treat disease and aging. Peptides are small proteins composed of short chains of amino acids that act as targeted signaling molecules. We have over 7000 peptides in our bodies that direct many different bodily functions ranging from hormone production, tissue and muscle repair, brain and central nervous system health, weight loss, inflammation reduction, DNA repair and aging and direct antimicrobial effects. 

The most exciting advantage of peptide IV is that it can be designed to target virtually any cellular process in the body.

A list of  benefits include:

  • Immune modulation

  • Fuller hair and improved nail growth. 

  • Chronic bacterial, viral and fungal infections including Lyme disease

  • Inflammation in the body and the GI tract

  • A better, deeper and a more restful sleep

  • Joint and muscle repair and recovery

  • Cognitive dysfunction, memory decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s

  • Neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS

  • Anxiety, depression and ADHD

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

  • Libido, erectile function and sexual arousal

  • Muscle building and weight management 

  • Increases level of energy, strength, and stamina

  • Cancer

  • Anti-Aging and Telomere lengthening

  • Increased skin elasticity and a decrease in wrinkles 

  • Growth hormone stimulation