NK-Stim 60C

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NK-Stim is a targeted formula speci cally designed to support the body’s immune response by boosting natural killer (NK) cell activity. NK-Stim includes a synergistic combination of larch arabinogalactan, oleuropein (the active ingredient found in olive leaf extract), acemannan (the immune-stimulating constituent of aloe vera concentrate) and chelated zinc. NK- Stim’s unique preparation supports immune function, boosts NK cell activity, promotes healthy micro ora in the gut, and helps maintain bacterial balance throughout the body. NK- Stim is the ideal preparation for those with immune challenges and gastrointestinal-related concerns.


  • Boosts Immune Response
  • Increases the Body’s Natural Killer Cell Activity
  • Provides Support for Immune Challenges
    • Promotes Healthy Microflora in the GI Tract