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How The MenlaScan Works: 

MenlaScan System is a suite of products that in 60 seconds to 6 minutes, provides a complete overview of applicable physiological data with a cross analysis to inform you of next best steps depending on what system you select. Utilizing your scientifically validated technologies and applying our advanced algorithms and cross analysis, we are able to non-invasively collect data, allowing preventative measures to be taken.


Benefits of MenlaScan Systems :

  • ​Overall wellness score 
  • ​Body Composition
  • ​Cardio Score
  • ​Microcirculation Score
  • ​Stress / Fatigue Score 
  • ​Diet and Micronutrition 
  • ​Recommended Spa & Sports 
  • ​Biological Age 
  • ​Additional Features Available
  • ​Up to 128 metrics 
  • ​Printable Report