Energy Multi-Plex

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Adrenal Support Formula with 14 researched nutrients

Energy Multi-Plex is designed to be the most advanced adrenal support product based on published research and a reasonably priced vegetarian formulation.

Energy Multi-Plex™ provides a comprehensive adrenal support formula with proprietary blends of the most researched nutrients.

“I have improved energy after supplementing with NT Factor Energy and Energy Multi-Plex. Especially notable are the increased maximal sudden power, endurance, and ability to recover during exercise and also for the next day events – for example in distance bicycling on hilly roads and weight lifting and aerobic exercising at the Y. These two Researched Nutritionals products were added to a thorough treatment program for a longer-term fatigue illness from tick borne infection complex illness in the later, more recent stages of therapy. I think the products address some of what we know about mitochondrial damage in the longer-term fatigue- like syndromes and look forward to discussing this further with others interested in increased energy. I have no conflicts of interest in my dialogues regarding Researched Nutritionals products.” — H. Smith MD

Energy Multi-Plex™ is a trademark of Researched Nutritionals, LLC and are used with permission.